Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mindless Self Indulgence: Tighter

Mindless Self Indulgence
Reviewed by Tara Salamone
Rating: 5/5
     I've been listening to Mindless Self Indulgence for eight years so, like any long-time fan, I have been coveting their 1999 album Tight. I would see it pop up on places like and but it's usually way too expensive, sometimes up to hundreds of dollars. When Tighter came out, my prayers were answered. It comes together with 15 original re-mastered tracks plus 12 previously unreleased tracks.
     The original tracks did not require re-mastering, considering they're not that old anyhow and they were mostly recorded in mono in the first place. It wasn't needed but I welcome the added bass and they sound slightly more polished, but not by a lot. There is definitely an eclectic mix of different versions of classics like "Bring the Pain," including demos, live tracks, etc. The unreleased tracks took me back to their original raw sound of Electronic/Punk but I was also surprised to hear songs such as "Free As A Birdie," which shows off Jimmy Urine alone with an acoustic guitar. Don't get me wrong, I am not surprised by his total lack of holding a tune, but it was way more organic than what I am used to hearing from them. I like it all the same, though, as their lyrics never take themselves too seriously. MSI's music is meant to make you laugh, gasp, and dance. Perhaps all at the same time.
     Overall, I would recommend Tighter to old time fans. All bands evolve and change but people sometimes have a preference for a certain sound. Some tracks could be considered fillers, such as "Agents," but, again, if you've been listening to them since Tight or at least Frankenstein Girls Seem Strangely Sexy, it's pretty interesting to hear about the beginning of the band. My personal favorites are "Cake" and "I Hate Everyone," given that they stick to the usual formula of their older stuff without sounding the same as everything else. I would have to give the album a 5/5 for keeping their fans from the beginning in mind as well as providing a good range of 27 tracks.