Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jamie Cullum "The Pursuit"

Jamie Cullum
The Pursuit
Reviewed by Lisa Selvaggio
     One word describes Jamie Cullum: Incredible. He’s a musical virtuoso; he can write stellar originals and yet also has the ability to take a classic or even recent radio hit and give it a brand new flavor and twist; he’s a crowd-pleasing dynamo on stage; and his ever-evolving sound does nothing but improve by leaps and bounds with each release. I personally fell in love with his sound from the very first time I saw the video for “All At Sea” when it was first released, and since then I’ve purchased every one of his albums and seen him live twice. NOTHING this man does disappoints me. He infuses multiple genres and musical styles into one cohesive whole while still maintaining his own signature, unable to be copied by anyone. The Pursuit is filled from top to bottom with addictive, meaningful songs that I only needed to listen to once to get hooked on. His remake of “If I Ruled the World” literally took my breath away--the piano in it throbs with life. And “Music Is Through” will get you dancing, without a doubt. Every instrument flawless, Jamie’s vocals impeccable, energetic, and full of heart, and every song offers something unique. This isn’t just Jazz, nor is it just Pop, it is so much more; something you have to hear to believe. If you haven’t yet become a fan of Mr. Cullum, you must get The Pursuit and let him properly introduce himself to your record collection.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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