Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Alter Bridge "AB III"

Alter Bridge
Reviewed by Lisa Selvaggio

      Alter Bridge is one of my favorite bands, one of the few out there right now that are genuine in every respect.  Lyrically, the band has always been able to profoundly express an entire gamut of emotions, from hopeful to hopeless, inspired to indifferent.  They're one of the few modern bands who can write songs that mean something, that go above and beyond, to make you feel, whether it's the nostalgia that comes with "Ghost of Days Gone By," the sinking feeling of defeat with "All Hope Is Gone," or the perseverence found with "I Know It Hurts."  To say that musically they are a powerhouse of talent would be to state the obvious.  On the disc as well as in concert, these new songs are energetic and alive, pure Rock with a pinch of Prog.  It's all in their words and in their music, and on AB III, the group shines true and their energy is abundant throughout.  The listener is left wanting more yet satisfied with this final product all the same, as the band has put out yet another artful collection of songs that are flawlessly performed.

Rating: 5/5


  1. Alter Bridge is in my opinion the Best rock band
    in the world. AB3 is a awesome album. I listen to nothing else since it came out ! Terrific !

  2. I agree they just get better and better!!