Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Empire Hideous: The Time Has Come

The Empire Hideous

The Time Has Come

Reviewed by Lisa Selvaggio
            The sad news is this is the last album for The Empire Hideous, a band lead by the talented and controversial Myke Hideous.  If you’re into Gothic music, The Misfits, and especially if you’re from NJ and you haven’t heard of these guys, something is wrong.  Definitely check out his previous releases with The Empire Hideous, ‘cause you’re missing out. 
            The good news is this album does not disappoint.  It’s a throwback to the Goth of yore with polished production to bring out every instrument and Myke’s haunting vocals.  In other words, it’s indie Goth/Rock as it should be.  From “Dance Dead Rhythms” that you can certainly dance along with, to the melancholy “Pretty Faces,” from “Stand Off” which is reminiscent of songs off Victim Destroys Assailant—proving that here is a musician who holds true to his sound—to the ethereal “Sahara,” there’s variety here, in songs discussing loving and losing.  Every song has something unique to offer yet all of them come together perfectly.  My only complaint is there are a few tracks of soundscapes that, I feel, could have instead been more music from this engaging, versatile musician whose project we will sorely miss. 
As an independent artist all these years, Myke has struggled, but there is no doubt that he has acquired an audience that respects him for all that he has put out there of himself, and this music certainly will not be forgotten in the Goth/Rock underground. 

Rating: 5/5     

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