Monday, October 24, 2011

Puscifer: Conditions of My Parole

Conditions of My Parole

Reviewed by Lisa Selvaggio
From the opening track, it’s clear that Maynard James Keenan (TOOL, A Perfect Circle), has yet again given fans something that proves his immense talent, which he takes in a multitude of different directions on this album.  Puscifer has always been a project that is humorously experimental while at the same time containing lyrics that Maynard is known for: sometimes goofy, other times emotional or contemplative, and still other times puzzling.  In my opinion, each album is better than the one that came before, and, as such, this is my favorite of the three thus far released. 
Described as “danceable,” I cannot disagree (just listen to “Man Overboard” and tell me you don’t start moving).  “Horizons” even has a sort of Hip-Hop style beat to it.  “Oceans” is calming, soothing, somewhat in the same way as “The Humbling River” off of "C" Is for (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference Here).  One of my favorites, musically and lyrically, is “Monsoon,” a song about the dry desert calling for help from the sky, in fact asking it to cry its emotions down to quench the thirsty earth.  Switching it up, “Telling Ghosts” is heavier, more aggressive, drums leading, marching.  “Tiny Monsters,” the opening track, actually starts off with “Tumbleweed,” the final song, playing at a very low volume, making the album come full circle.  
This is the strongest Puscifer album thus far.  If you enjoyed the first two albums, you’ll like this one too, and if you weren’t really feeling the first two, give this one a chance anyway.

Rating: 5/5

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