Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Halestorm, "The Strange Case Of..."

The Strange Case Of...
Reviewed by Rob Acocella
Rating: 4/5
      Until now I've never had my hands on a full album by Halestorm. I have to be honest here and just say that before now I hadn't been all that interested in them. I've seen them live a handful of times as an opening act or direct support to a few great bands, and I did enjoy their live show, but I never had the motivation to buy their music. That changed when I heard a sample of their lead single "Love Bites (So Do I)" and immediately realized what I had been missing out on.
      Overall, the songwriting on A Strange Case Of... is really good, with a few exceptions where I feel they kind of fell short lyrically. Still, for a band I'm technically new to, the album is impressive. First thing's first: this is fun Hard Rock, so if you're looking to find hidden messages or the Fibonacci Sequence in the songs, you've got the wrong band. However, if you're looking for something to crank on a Friday night on your way to a concert or party, this is the album to grab.
      Lzzy and company mix equal amounts of old school female fronted Rock with some more modern influences. "I Miss The Misery" sounds so much like a Three Days Grace song, I was half expecting Adam Gontier to be doing some guest vocals, while "Freak Like Me" and "Daughters of Darkness" are perfect crowd-rallying songs. My only complaints are right in the middle of the album where the songs go a softer route. In my opinion it derailed the flow of the listening experience, and I have to be the bad guy here and just say that I don't really feel Lzzy's softer, more "girly" vocals are all that good, on top of the lyrics being very weak and cliche at times.
      Despite my minor complaints, I still find myself reaching for this album when I want to listen to some fun and aggressive tunes. I do give the band credit for including some softer tunes despite what some people may think of them, as it shows a maturity and willingness to take risks that so many newer bands these days don't have. Aside from the tracks I already mentioned, some other favorites on here are "Mz. Hyde," "You Call Me A Bitch Like It's A Bad Thing," and "Here's To Us."

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